The Great Loop Adventure

The Wooden's Adventure for a Lifetime

Hello, we are Steve, Gnarly & Mittie in a Box

You might have noticed the subtle phrases like ” Adventure FOR a lifetime”  And “Mittie in a Box“.  There is a reason why theses phrases are significant.  Mittie and I had planned doing the Great Loop for many years.  We decided that we would plan for it and start the adventure the first year after we moved to Bayou Vista Texas full time.  That set the date to start the Loop in February of 2023.  We prepared the boat to be an outstanding companion for the trip.  Unfortunately, Mittie passed away unexpectedly and rather dramatically on November 8, 2022.  She was my life, my focus, and my best friend.  I was lost.  Gnarly, our 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier was very confused and probably lost as well.  I had to move forward, and I decided that Gnarly, Mittie’s ashes, and I would make the trip, or at least start and see what other unexpected events life will have in store for us.  It will be an adventure FOR a lifetime.  It will be for Mittie.  And when the trip is over, either by force or completion, we will smoke a cigar in her honor and toast to her memory.  I hope many of you will join us  and follow our trip as we travel…..or perhaps physically come along for a few days if you can.

Countdown to the start of the voyage